Each hand made solid copper sculpture is cut using hand shears and colored with heat
and oxides to bring out the natural beauty of solid copper. A solid brass-ring is attached
to the back for easy hanging. The surface has been sealed with a matte acrylic finish.
Hutton Metalcrafts, Inc.
1812 Route 940
Pocono Pines, PA 18350
Phone:  1 ( 570) 972-6331
Email:  xianxianwei@yahoo.com
Solid Copper Sculpture desinged by Xian
Made in USA
Hours: 9am-5pm
Tuesday to Saturday,
Sunday 11am-3pm
Off season please call ahead to
visit our shop.
About the Artist
Custom Copper Sculpture by Xian
Please Email your pet’s picture to thomas@copperlamps.com
Telling us: choose size (wide or tall) for your piece?
Price List:
Size :  wide & tall ( inches)       

1        6” – 7”       Each       $ 25.00                
2       8”             Each        $ 35.00                
3        9”             Each        $ 40.00                
4       10”           Each        $ 50.00                
5       17”           Each        $ 220.00                
6        20”           Each        $ 300.00                
Multi-part pieces cost more
What color finish (copper color, antique copper, red, green, black) for your piece?
Your copper sculpture on the wall or a stand?

We take about three to six weeks.
Shipping figured per order
Sun kiss moon
Size: 11" x 12"
Price: $ 100
Size: H 17" x  W 14"
Price: $ 220
Ready to place an order? Do you
have a design question or need
more information?
Cell phone: 1- (570)972-6331
Email: xianxianwei@yahoo.com